Maria Felix

The Mexican actress María de Los Ángeles Félix Güereña was made famous by a combination of great talent and the help of the most celebrated filmmakers of her country. Once described as “The most beautiful girl in the world” by American Life Magazine, her fame went far beyond her native Mexico.

María orchestrated a highly successful career in France, working with some of the most significant names in the movie industry. Revered as one of the greatest actresses of her time, she was fondly nicknamed La Dona after her role in the movie Dona Barbara.

Although Cinema was not the only love in the life of this multifaceted artist. When she was not appearing on screen, María could often be found at one of Paris’ horse-racing venues. At one point, she even boasted housing nearly one hundred horses in one of her famous stables.

Felix also maintained a lifelong interest in precious stones. From birth, she could be found wearing a coral cross as a form of good-luck charm. Her passion for jewellery grew from a young age into a full-blown obsession in later life.

Famous for combining enormous amounts of jewels, all worn at the same time. Felix’s central American origins shone through in her taste, changing the idea of glamour with a style unique to her. She could often be found draped in colourful silk dresses, with large capes, high boots and always accompanied by larger than life jewels.

Her most beloved jeweller was Cartier, whose artistic director Jeanne Toussaint, created many pieces especially for her. María was a real muse, viciously opinionated, wildly stylish, a true one of a kind. She was fascinated by reptiles and as a result, had a gigantic jewelled bestiary made, which she called her ‘animals’. 

Snake bracelets were among some of her favourite items and she was also known to have some extraordinary jewels made on order for her. In 1975 she entered the Cartier boutique in Paris accompanied by… her baby crocodile! Yes, a real crocodile. She asked Cartier to create a necklace that would take the exact form of the croc, even asking them to act quickly before it grew too much.

Unbelievably the challenge did not scare Cartier, and she went on to wear her giant life-like double crocodile necklace for many years.

María Felix’s jewellery collection spanned antique Indian jewels to modern creations by the most established French jewellery houses. Many regard it as one of the most eclectic that ever was. It reflected her respect for the art of jewellery, her unique character and was always worn with immense pride. By the most beautiful girl in the world.